'Falling for Clooney' romance novel written for hens in Britain to get them to lay more eggs

5:32 AM, Sep 9, 2013   |    comments
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BECKINGHAM, England (CBS/WUSA9) -- A new romance novel written and recorded just for hens is ruffling feathers in Britain.  Poultry farmers are using the steamy story to try to get chickens to lay more eggs.

British egg farmer Jean-Paul Michalski gives his free-range hens all the space they need: "The best eggs come from the happiest hens."

He wears a protective suit to keep disease out of the hen house but he is piping-in romance.

The Happy Egg Company hired a best-selling romance novelist to pen the tale about Molly, the scrawny hen, and the heart throb is appropriately named after actor George Clooney.  The novel is called "Falling for Clooney."

"He has to be terribly irresistable to women," said author Catherine Alliott.

He has to be terribly irresistable to women. Only one hen can be chosen to spend some time alone with the devilishly handsome Clooney.

Alliott said, "The banner in England is 'Chick Lit' for light romance."

Happy Egg wants farmers to play the sultry audiobook when chickens come home to roost. These farmers claim the human voice has a soothing effect on egg-laying hens. Experts say when hens are calm they produce more quality eggs.

'Happy Egg' claims the sizzling story is a good read for people, too.

Whether hens will fall for THIS Clooney, remains to be seen, but penning 'Chick Lit' for actual "chicks" may be a literary first.

Reported by  Alphonso Van Marsh, CBS News.

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