The Lab School In Northwest DC helps kids learn with a "hands-on" approach

10:05 AM, May 30, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON  (WUSA9) -- This week's Cool School not only helps students reach their potential, it also works on eliminating labels and insecure feelings children may have about learning.

The "hands-on" approach at the Lab School in Northwest DC is all about the inner brilliance of each child shining through.

The 6th graders in Sarah Lowenberg's class are learning about the five major religions in the world. They're making replicas of a prayer rug for a lesson on Islam. They are learning as much by using their hands, feet, and mouth as they do with their brains.

There's a reason the Lab School in Northwest in DC makes movement a priority to cater to its students. 

Tatiana Chaves has ADHD and discalculia. She told us, "You switch numbers, sometimes you forget the problem in like 3 seconds." She whispered. "It's really hard."

When you get your body moving it gets a lot easier, according to Ms. Lowenberg. 

"Your brain works a little differently. You're a visual learner, you're a kinesthetic learner. We all learn differently. We're going to help you be successful and find how you learn the best," said Lowenberg.

The Lab School has been using these teaching methods to get students ready for college since the 1960s.

"They are brilliant creative children, there is nothing wrong with their I.Q.'s," said Lowenberg.

Tatiana Chaves said about the educators, "They actually care about your learning difference and they actually treat sort of ways to cope with it."

Sixth grader Derrick Cohen added, "This is so cool. You get to put your hands on stuff and you get dirty and you get to really work with things and it's really helpful with your learning differences."

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