Jacqueline Gregg's Post-Race Limerick

10:03 AM, Mar 19, 2012   |    comments
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Mid-morning we left NYC,
My boo at the wheel and me.
On I95,
We did sixty-five,
Almost five hours later, D.C.

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The expo was packed to the gills,
Purchased Gu to help with the hills.
Stayed away from the clothes
'Cause everyone knows
New running digs give me the thrills.

At dinner I got fully carbed,
Penne pasta with bread dipped and daubed.
Pushed away from the table
While I was still able,
For fear that the stares would be barbed.

Race day I arose at five thirty,
Got dressed, headed out, I looked purty.
D-tag on my shoe,
Filled my pockets with Gu,
"Goddess Nike," I prayed, "keep me sturdy."

Starting village was abuzz with excitement,
And refreshments in perfect alignment.
I couldn't find my team,
I was lost, so it seemed,
So I went to my corral assignment.

Green tutus, green socks, four-leaf clovers!
Lads and lassies, my eyes were glazed over(s)!
Hairy man in a kilt,
Dressed to the hilt,
Almost asked him who was his hosier!

The course was fun, lots to see!
The music! The cheerers! What glee!
I did fine up until
Those Columbia hills
Made me scream like a crazy banshee!

I finished in two hours, ten minutes!
Surprised I was still in good spirits.
Got my neck all be-jeweled,
Met my loved ones, re-fueled,
"My first half, everybody! I did it!"

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