Kelly Schroeder Makes Training a Priority

9:09 AM, Mar 16, 2012   |    comments
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I took up running three years ago because it seemed like an easy, outdoor exercise that I could fit into my schedule when convenient. I could run in the morning, or in the afternoon, or in the evening. If I wanted company, I could bring my border collie. A half hour here, 45 minutes there. Throw on some shorts, a t-shirt, some sneakers, and out the door! Simple, easy, and uncomplicated, right?

Well, I just unpacked my suitcase in my hotel, and I can't exactly explain when running got so complicated for me, but it's pretty apparent that running has taken over my life.

First, running is not something I "fit in when convenient" anymore. I pretty much plan my week around running, and recovering from running. And frankly, my border collie is becoming too fit. She did NOT enjoy tapering.

Second, I spent more time planning what I will wear for tomorrow's marathon than I did picking out my wedding dress. The weather-prediction fluctuations did not help, nor did the quad and hamstring pain in my last few long runs. What else didn't help? The weight gain from my last marathon making my race shirt too short, the almost-ready-to-rotate-out sneakers, and the heat and humidity change from Rochester (are compression capris AND compression knee socks necessary? And will it be too hot to wear my green skirt as well?). Although this is completely unrelated to clothing, the issues with my wisdom teeth this week REALLY did not make anything easier.

Lastly, running is never a solo event for me anymore. If I'm not running with one of my Brooks Fleet Feet Rochester team members, then I'm seeing them on the trails or waving to their honking cars. I am so grateful for the company, advice, donated dollars, borrowed clothing, and friendship of my running team. Thank you so much, team! Tomorrow is four months in the making!

Time to run!

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