Jacqueline Brown Woody and Buddy Check 9, 18 Years Later

8:23 AM, Oct 4, 2011   |    comments
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UPPER MARLBORO, Md (WUSA) -- On October 4th, 1993, WUSA 9NEWS NOW debuted Buddy Check 9 and our first buddy was Jacqueline Brown Woody.

Jacqueline tells us today it is still a joy to be alive. Even before there were Buddy Check reminders on 9NEWS NOW, Jacqueline was doing regular breast self exams and mammograms But when that self check turned up a small mass in her breast Jackie didn't call her doctor right away. Like so many other women - she hesitated.

"I was a procrastinator. And maybe part of it I think was maybe it's not what I think it is and just not wanting to believe or accept that there was really something going on," Jacqueline shares with us.

Overcoming the fear factor and getting women to be proactive about their breast health is why 9NEWS NOW started Buddy Check 9 in 1993.

We believed women reminding other women to schedule that annual mammogram, clinical exam and do breast self exams could increase survival rates and possibly even prevent some cancers.

Jackie, our first Buddy, was the perfect example of how early detection pays off. The initial surgeon she consulted recommended a radical mastectomy, but because her cancer was caught early and was non aggressive, the trained librarian had some time to research other treatment options.

She decided to go with the recommendation and have a lumpectomy and six weeks of radiation and 3-cycles of chemotherapy.

Today our first buddy remains a buddy to other women and men. In addition to her job working in the County Executive's office in PG County, she's an advocate through the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

In Prince Georges County there is a high mortality rate compared to other areas in the jurisdiction, in the region. To help combat that Jacqueline tells us she is working on a project, a grant funded project that will bring more awareness to women in this area as well as the District of Columbia.

Jacqueline Brown Woody is living up to her personal motto of "making every day a great day, for the people of Prince George's County.

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