Madison Davis Saved Her Mom's Life

5:22 PM, Mar 31, 2011   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- A 7-year-old from Waldorf was awarded a "Hero" medal of honor on Capitol Hill Thursday for saving her mother's life.

On March 6th, Madison Davis reacted quickly when her mother was having a seizure in their home.   She said their house is set up so one door prompts the emergency system. 

"I was thinking: 'Is my mom going to be okay?'" she said.  "I didn't know what to do until I figured out: 'Oh! I got to crack the door open to get them.'"

By them, she means the paramedics who arrived after she spent several minutes on the phone 911 dispatcher James Maloney. 

"She was extremely calm," said Maloney.  "Every question I gave to her both scripted and unscripted she answered very calmly."

On Thursday NFL Great Jim Brown handed Madison the medal of honor.  The little girl beamed and repeated her new "platform."

"Kids should know that calling 911 is not a joke.  It's something they should take seriously," she said.  "I hope they learn that from this."

Paramedics also say Madison also promptly gave them all of her mother's medical information when they arrived.   She fed the family's pets, packed her bags and directed them where her babysitter lived. 

Madison's mother, Sophia Davis, said when she fell two years ago she knew she had to teach her child how to do the right thing in an emergency.  She never imagined when she gave birth she was also getting an angel on Earth.

"She's been doing this since she was five years old.  I always felt like Madison has been my angel for everything she's done."

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