DC mayor to outline contingency plan in case of federal government shutdown

6:03 AM, Sep 24, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Congress has one week to pass a new budget or the government will be forced to shut down. The Senate began debate on a budget bill Monday.

Majority Leader Harry Reid promises to pass a bill which funds the government and Obamacare.  Republicans want to strip away the money to implement the president's healthcare plan.

Later Tuesday, D.C. Mayor Gray will announce details of the city's contingency plan. We all know that if the federal government shuts down, federal services will likely be delayed, but for D.C., that means our local service may come to a screeching halt because Congress still controls the District's budget. Without representation on the Hill, D.C. really has no control over this matter. So if Congress continues this budget impasse another seven days, the government will shut down October 1. For D.C., that means most of the city will shut down, too.

"This will have a financial impact on the District. And it's -- it's unfortunate because it has nothing to do with the term 'government.' We raise our own taxes. These are construction projects that are private projects, but in order to have the government to be sure to get a permit or other things night move forward, it won't happen and that's absurd," said Councilmember Tommy Wells.

Wells is fired up about this issue. He's also running for D.C. mayor and along with Mayor Gray he supports budget autonomy. He says this is a reason why the city should control its own budget.

Schools, and police and fire departments will stay open but  libraries, street sweeping and trash collection services are on the chopping block. We could see some empty construction sites because the agency that hands out building permits will likely close, too, if the government shuts down.

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