What would you shut down in the sports world?

11:00 AM, Oct 1, 2013   |    comments
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(WUSA9) -- The government shutdown got our sports department thinking: what would you shut down in the sports world?

Here's the team's list of the five things they wish could be shut down, as reported by Kristen Berset:

5. Shut down the Jacksonville Jaguars.

"I'm from Florida so this is tough for me to say but they've been outscored this season 129- 31 points and they're so desperate to build their stadium, they began offering all their fans free beer to attend the game. You might not think that's so bad. You know how to get fans to buy tickets in Jacksonville? You sign Tim Tebow.

4. Cut down the debate of Kurt Cousins replacing RG3 as the starter.

Cousins proved himself capable during the preseason but this week we saw glimpses of the old RG3, who is healthier and more confident in his knee and finally making those big plays. 

3. I asked this question on social media. Some folks said shut down the celebration dances in football.

Completely Disagree. I think shutdown celebrations penalties. I can't wait to see what a player will come up each week. Yes, some folks look like a complete fool but can you seriously tell me you haven't done a celebration dance at some point in your life? Let's not get rid of the dances.

2. Shut down the length of the NBA and NHL seasons.

82 games each, that's long. When hockey is still being played in June on ice and basketball never seems to end, something needs to change. Think back to just recently when they both went through lockout shortened seasons. Those years way more exciting, way more intense.

1. Shut down the NCAA.

Bring in a new college format. A recent study by businessinsider.com considered the average Texas football player was worth $578,000 when you add all the television and ticket revenue all going to the schools. The NCAA needs a little fixing.

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