Cool Schools: Assistant Principal Takes To Blogging, Twitter

12:33 PM, Jan 19, 2012   |    comments
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UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (WUSA) -- You'd be hard pressed to find a high school student who doesn't use social media to connect to their friends and rack up followers. But an assistant principal at Wise High School is using a micro blogging site like no administrator we've ever seen -- and the students think he's pretty cool.

More than 1800 Wise High School students get a wake up call from their assistant principal, William Blake, on a regular basis.

High school senior Brittany Pegram told us, "You just want to see what he's talking about."

Senior Witney Perkins added, "It gets you energized, hyper, ready for the day."

Blake explains, "They are on Twitter 24-7. I wake up at 5:30, go workout, say good morning, and students are re-tweeting me already at 5:30 in the morning."

His Twitter handle is Pumasden, and more than half the school checks his tweets, videos and calls to action. He's a one man show, bursting with energy, enthusiasm and school spirit.

Blake also uses Twitter to solve student conflicts before they happen. One weekend, he saw a disagreement ramping up between two groups who were tweeting. He involved parents, administrators and by Monday morning, he had the students in his office to call them all down.

Blake told us, "The first thing they say is 'Mr. Blake how did you know?' 'I'm following you on Twitter.'"

His ability to connect with students on their level makes him pretty popular.

Principal Carletta Marrow said, "It's amazing how many students reach out to him and how many students say 'oh Mr. Blake, it's really helpful to keep that going.'"

Chances are you couldn't stop him if you tried, and the students wouldn't have it any other way.

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