Cool Schools: Students Get Extra Help With Reading Partners Program

6:16 AM, Oct 21, 2010   |    comments
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  • WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)- One-on-one instruction is a rare occurrence in public schools these days with shrinking budgets and bigger class sizes in many systems.  But elementary students at DC Preparatory Academy are getting extra help they need thanks to a program called Reading Partners.  And it's not going to cost taxpayers a dime.

    "It brings the entire program to the school community.  It brings the volunteers.  It brings the materials and the school just supplies the students," says Jason Lody, Regional Director of Reading Partners.

    Three teachers and a hand full of volunteers started the program in California back in 1999. Now 750 tutors give their time.  District public schools will be the next place to benefit.


    Patty Abramson and Dorothy Moss are among the first local volunteers. "If I could help one child learn to read, I mean just one kid, what a difference it would make," says Abramson.

    "We're privately funded, corporations individuals and grants all of the funding that is necessary for the start up of this program is provided through the outreach efforts of Reading Partners," says Lody.

    Lody says higher self-esteem and better test scores for the kids are some of the benefits. The tutors get something else out of it. "It is very challenging and it's fun and they're also very adorable," says volunteer, Dorothy Motts.  

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