Adcock's Trapping Service experts say snake complaints spike

4:58 PM, Sep 13, 2013   |    comments
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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WUSA9) -- The phone rings five to 10 times a day at Adcock's Trapping Service with panicked people looking for help with snakes during the end of the summer.

Snakes are on the move as summer comes to a close.  And often they are moving inside people's homes.

"The young ones are hatching right now," says nuisance wildlife expert John Adcock Jr.  "This time of year they have got to stay busy to store away the food and get ready for winter."

The result is a lot of snakes moving more often and attracting attention.

The most common snake found in and around homes is the Black Rat Snake, which can grow up to 6-feet and look very intimidating. But these snakes are not poisonous and will not bite or attack unless chased or handled.

Adcock says snakes seen in the house are a sure sign that rodents are inside too.

"The snakes follow the scent trail that the mice leave behind," he said.

Trapping snakes is only a short term solution. The key to preventing snakes in the home is to seal up any hole where rodents can get into the house, according to Adcock.

Some people welcome the Black Rat Snake because it controls the rodent population and is not aggressive or poisonous.

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