Cynthia Brown, Federal worker, selling furniture to make rent

5:33 PM, Oct 10, 2013   |    comments
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The early morning sun rises behind the U.S. Capitol building September 20, 2013 in Washington, DC (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

WALDORF, Md. (WUSA9) -- Cynthia Brown has had a decent job at the Government Printing Office for 7 years, but recent health problems and the financial demands of caring for her two teenage daughters and her 71-year-old father had her behind on some bills and going paycheck to paycheck.

Now, the paycheck isn't coming, due to the government shutdown.  With a shut off notice for water, rent due, and a broken down car; she's already a month behind on payments for. Brown doesn't have the luxury of time or the savings to wait out the paralyzed U.S. Congress.

She's selling her furniture on Craigslist.

"I don't know what's going to happen and before you know it, it will be November 1st," said the journeyman printer who's on a list of essential employees still showing up for her night shift even though she won't be paid.

Brown shared her story by emailing us at

She's infuriated by what she sees on TV -- Members of Congress getting paid and using their private gym.

"I wish we could switch places and I think they probably wouldn't last one or two days," she said.

"For crying out loud we need our money.  The clock's ticking," she told us.

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