Reporter's Outlook: #WhatsYourDream?

10:12 PM, Aug 28, 2013   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: #WhatsYourDream? WUSA9 shares theirs
The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., during a 1965 speaking engagement (AP)

UNDATED -- They say there's strength in numbers. There is no doubt you'll see powerful images today, reminiscent of the hand-holding from 50 years ago. The people gathering in Washington come from all walks of life - each with different life goals but as a collective, they encourage, inspire and empower me.

It astounds me that the most repeated, discussed and admired parts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech were unscripted. There was a certain self-fulfilling prophesying quality to them. So with this historic anniversary, try this:

  • Dare to dream.
  • Dare to write it down.
  • Dare to say it out loud.

My grandfather and parents came to this country pursuing the immigrant American dream. They had to believe life would be better in America, the future would be brighter for generations to come. And it is. 

I grew up on an island where people have said we were 10 or even 30 years ahead in terms of diversity compared to the mainland. Guam was majority minority - and for the most part, we celebrated each other's backgrounds and took pride in the fact we were a melting pot. Census data shows the US will become more than 50% of color by 2050. 

I have a dream one day we won't even have to bring up race in a politicized context. I dream of a day when we won't have racially charged misunderstandings, arguments and clashes.

President Barack Obama, who some argue could not sit in White House were it not for the black civil rights movement, ran his first term on a platform of hope. As we document this day where he speaks by the Lincoln Memorial, let us remember another word going forward: BELIEVE.

As Mr. Obama remarks: "Because they marched, America became more fair and more free."

Let freedom ring and let dreams awaken us. I don't stop dreaming, and thinking big. After all, we won't know unless we try.


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