Michael C. McCarter arrested for hundreds of peepings in Va.

4:18 PM, Oct 30, 2013   |    comments
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McCarter Photo

KINGSTOWN, Va. (WUSA9) -- Fairfax County Police say they have nabbed a peeping Tom who could be linked to more than 300 cases. 

40-year-old Michael McCarter of Woodbridge was arrested last week. Peeping Toms are not unusual but what's alarming is that he may be linked to several incidents.

The majority of the incidents happened in the Franconia District and around 50 each, in the West Springfield and Sully Districts. 

Many of the incidents happened near the Fairfax County Parkway.
Not only do police say he was peering into windows but they say he was doing so while committing a sexual act.

"I'm scared. I live alone with my dog," said one Virginia resident. 

Police arrested and charged McCarter with peeping into windows and watching women who were alone.


Police say he targeted ground level apartments with lights on and women between the ages of 20-50 years old. He would stare into their windows while committing a sex act in the overnight hours between 1-4 in the morning, dating back to 2011.

Holly Jackson said, "It's scary to think people would do that and all of us become vulnerable, I hope they can get him some treatment."

Lucy Caldwell, Fairfax Co. Police Spokesperson, "It's a reminder to make sure you have curtains and blinds and if you have your lights on a reminder to close them for you to protect your privacy."

Someone tipped off police after recognizing something in posted flyers around their community. That's when police turned their eyes on McCarter.

Lisa Thomas, a resident said, "I remember when it was put up on the door and mailbox, I just never thought it would be here. I'm glad that he was caught,  he needed to be taken away."

But Diane Hadjiosif says she can't rest easy knowing that an alleged serial peeper's been charged with 3 misdemeanor counts and still out on the street.

"A lot of times it's compulsion and they do it where it escalates to breaking in. He's out , a lot of times these guys can't stop."


McCarter is a fuel truck driver. Surae Chinn reports that court documents reveal, McCarter has been charged before in 2006, but the charges were dropped. Police believe there could be more victims who haven't reported the crime.

If you've been a victim call the Franconia District Criminal Investigative Section at 703-922-0894

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