Thieves burglarize Terrance Boston's family home during firefighter funeral

7:46 PM, Sep 5, 2013   |    comments
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BRANDYWINE, Md. (WUSA9) -- Heartless crooks target a home while a family was attending a funeral for a fallen firefighter.

As we reported last week, 49-year-old Terrance Boston was killed in a motorcycle accident. While family, firefighters and friends were saying a final farewell, thieves broke into the house.

This is a story that really shows you just how heartless people can be. At this family's lowest moment in life, they were victimized again. While they're in mourning they were forced to go through the house to see if the crooks took anything sentimental.  

Joseph Chisholm says, "I was very upset someone could do this at a time like this."

Joseph Chisholm has put a profile picture on Facebook of the last fire he fought along side Terrance Boston. At Foggy Bottom's Engine 23, colleagues affectionately called Terry, 'Boston.'

Ed Smith, IADD Local 36 says, "I spoke at his funeral and I said he's a solid firefighter, solid family guy and solid friend."

Family and friends were attending Boston's funeral yesterday. At the precise moment burglars ransacked the family's home in Brandywine Maryland.

Joseph Chisholm, Engine 23 says, "It's real disgusting. Whoever did this should think about how they affected this family. Any family who loses belongings but any family who loses a father and husband should make them feel real bad."

Ed Smith, IAFF Local 36 says, "Absolutely disgusted that someone would prey on a family at one of the worst moments of their life trying to deal with a loss of a loved one."

Boston's wife is also a firefighter in Fairfax County.  They have three boys ages 8, 5 and 9 months old.

Chaplain Porter Lawson, DCFD says, "Right now she's trying to get through today. She says she's going to take it one moment at a time."

Thieves took a TV, jewelry and wallets but the family is hoping the burglars didn't steal something more sentimental. Chisholm says, "He always wore a necklace, hopefully that wasn't stolen. It's something else she has to think about."

Smith says, "I hope they catch who ever did this. Whatever they got."

Some of Boston's colleagues feel the family home may have been targeted. Police have heard of instances where crooks go through the obituaries to find when the homes are vacant. We called around and police in this region have heard about it but don't say it's a trend or necessarily a problem.

A college fund has been set up for the three boys. 

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