Cool Schools: Pasta helps build bridge to college careers

5:37 AM, Aug 1, 2013   |    comments
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ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA9) -- In the dog days of summer, you may think about a trip to the beach or a cool hike in the mountains, but the students we're featuring equate summer with science. Johns Hopkins University was more than happy to make their dog days, count for college credit.

Students from all over the D.C. area are packing into classrooms at the Johns Hopkins University campus in Rockville, Md. They are building bridges. Their models may be from pasta, but a lot of the math they are using works in the real world.

"We're pretty much layering it like a hardwood floor so there is no break point, so there's no one pressure that could break it in the middle or something," explained Jack yarmas, a Gonzaga rising senior.

Fellow Gonzaga rising senior Jonathan Butturini told us, "They are going to start putting weight on and whoever's bridge takes on the most weight is going to be the winner..."

The Engineering Innovation Program at Hopkins' Montgomery campus not only gets students college credits if they make an A or a B, as they do experiments, lab reports and research papers they are building a bridge to a college career, too.

Churchill High School rising senior Emily Greenstein said, "I don't actually know what an Engineer does when they get up and go to work every morning so I thought I would come and see different types of Engineering so when I go off to college I know exactly what I want to do."

Karen Borgsmiller, Ph.D of Johns Hopkins University explained how the program helps students with that decision. "We give students the opportunity to explore chemical engineering, electrical engineering, material science, computer engineering, they do a robotics project," said Borgsmiller.

The not-so lazy days of summer may be over soon, but the lessons will last well beyond the next school year.

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