D.C. Washington, aka Dwight Clyde, To Sing National Anthem At Redskins, Seahawks Game

7:41 PM, Jan 5, 2013   |    comments
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SPRINGFIELD, Va. (WUSA) -- A Woodbridge, Virginia man will be singing the National Anthem at Sunday's high stakes playoff game against Seattle.

His name by coincidence is D.C. Washington. He sang last week in the Redskins-Cowboys game and they invited him back for an encore this week.

Whether in front of 80,000 fans at a division title game or one reporter, D.C. Washington can belt out the National Anthem.

"When I become the center of attention, I become really uncomfortable," he said.

He shies away from being the focal point despite the huge crowds, to him, it's about the singing. But still, it's a bit ironic with so many people eying him.

"It doesn't bother me at all. It's not 80 thousand people. It's just me singing. The number of people is irrelevant," he said.

But what about the nerves?

"Oh, I get nervous whether it's 9 people or 80,000 people."

After his performance last week, the Redskins asked him to sing this Sunday. Although he says, he's more of a Nats baseball fan, he says last week was something special and he expects nothing less this Sunday.

"It will be special, who doesn't like their hometown team on the verge of doing something great? It's a cool year for D.C. Sports," he said. 

Adding, "I sang for the Nats they made the playoffs, I sang for DC United they make the playoffs and now the Redskins. It's pretty cool to be in the middle of it. I'm just a guy who comes out and sings."

His actual name is Dwight Clyde but known as D.C. Washington all his life. He's not even a native. He was born and raised in Arkansas.

D.C. has been singing the National Anthem for the Redskins for the last 8 years. He's been singing for the Nationals since 2007.

But every Sunday, you can find D.C. Washington singing at Emmanual Bible Church in Springfield, VA., where he is the co-choir director. That's where he'll be before he heads to the Redskins-Seattle game.

"Tomorrow I'm going to do what I did last week, I'll walk out on the field. I'll sing and walk back off. It's not about me."

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