Farmers' market food safety to keep you healthy

6:32 PM, Aug 20, 2013   |    comments
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USDA Farmers Market

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Part of the fun of the farmers' market is getting to know the farmers.

It's also a good opportunity to verify the freshness and safety of produce.

Ask how long they've been farming? Where is the farm located?  And, when is the produce harvested?

The Alliance For Food and Farming says ask vendors to clarify and confirm statements like "certified organic" and "pesticide free."

Ask what food safety precautions take place on the farm and when they transport the goods.

Market sure items like eggs and meat are properly chilled at the market.

And, bag meat separately from produce to avoid cross contamination.

Once you get home, wash your hands with water water and soap before and after preparing fresh produce.

Wash fruits and vegetables under running water before eating, cutting or cooking.

The Food and Drug Administration does not recommend washing produce with soap, detergent or commercial washes.

And, refrigerate cut or peeled fruits and veggies within two hours of prep.

Also, you should ask whether the milk or cheese is pasteurized to kill harmful bacteria.

Unpasteurized milk can pose risks, especially for children, older adults and pregnant women.  


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