WUSA 9 Call For Action solves your problems

5:11 PM, Oct 4, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- You've got problems and we are getting solutions.

Our WUSA 9 Call For Action team is hard at work helping to solve your consumer issues. 

Herb in Temple Hills, Maryland made the Call For Action when the folks at USA Movers, also known as Pro Movers, jacked up the price. 

He expected to pay a grand total of $475.  On the day of the move, the company wanted more than $600.  Herb paid it to get his stuff.

He called the police, then called us, and our team got his $600 back.

Patricia is a retiree living on a fixed income.  So, the Millwood, Virginia resident signed up for Rappahannock Electric's budget plan to pay her utility bill.

But, it turned out to be a huge headache for her when she repeatedly called the company to ask if they would switch her due date to the first of the money when she received her Social Security check.

Well, after getting no where, she reached out to our WUSA 9 Call For Action team.  We made a call on her behalf, hooked her up with a manager who changed Patricia's billing date.

And during that time, her budget plan account had racked up so much money that she didn't have to pay an electric bill for nearly five months.

And last, Chris Damascus, Maryland bought a $700 GE dryer that just wouldn't work.

After several visits by maintenance technicians to replace the starter, timer, motor, motherboard and heating coil, he had had enough.  He called GE to complain. 

The company sent him a $75 check for his troubles.  Well, he contacted WUSA 9 Call For Action.

And once we got involved, GE gave him a brand new dryer, case solved.

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