Wiz Kid: Things Are Getting Embarrassing

1:27 PM, Dec 31, 2011   |    comments
Flip Saunders roster error was a big deal Friday in Milwaukee. Mandatory Credit: Mary Langenfeld-US PRESSWIRE
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- I want to try and be positive about the Wizards. People need to remember that Washington is in the midst of rebuilding right now. An 0-3 start really isn't the end of the world. Or is it?

I would have rather changed messy baby diapers all evening than watch what the Wizards called basketball against the Bucks. The perimeter defense was nonexistent. John Wall and Nick Young combined for only nine points and five turnovers. The Wizards shot 35.3 percent from the floor. Rebounding also is becoming a mainstay problem for the team.

I've written about this a few times now. If Washington stinks just as badly this season, no free agent will want to come to this mess.

Players were sighing, looking like they were at a terrible day job instead of playing professional basketball. The Wiz trailed by 24 at halftime. The third quarter actually became competitive but the hole had been dug too deep at that point.

Here's a short list of what went wrong in Friday night's 102-81 loss in Milwaukee.

*Roger Mason Jr. was deemed an ineligible player after not being listed on the active roster. Mason Jr. checked into the game for two minutes late in the first quarter and then was sent to the locker room for the unexplainable gaffe.

This is one of the more humiliating moments in NBA coaching history. Flip Saunders took blame for the mistake following the loss and it really did set the tone for the rest of the first half. There is no letting him off the hook for this one, because the team looked so dejected after Mason walked off the court. Surely if-and-when Saunders is fired or resigns from his position, this moment will be pointed to as a large downfall.

*Is it too early to say sophomore slump for John Wall? After going 1-for-9 Friday night and looking completely disinterested against the Bucks, Wall has been a liability on the court so far this season. Shelvin Mack made more of an impact on the game in just nine minutes of play.

At least in the first two games Wall attacked the rim -- albeit unsuccessfully -- and shot a total of 23 free throws. Against Milwaukee he only shot four free throws and also let Brandon Jennings roam free for 22 points. Wizards announcer Phil Chenier brought up an excellent point about Wall's troubles in adjusting his game speed for certain situations. I will credit Wall for his seven assists.

*Andray Blatche needs to watch game film of what Trevor Booker did in Milwaukee. Booker was seen diving on the ground for loose balls, communicating on defensive switches and grab rebounds that would've way too far out of Blatche's reach.

The Wizards need this kind of player on the court at all times. So what if this type of play doesn't have 'swag'? It helped spurred a solid stretch of basketball this team needed.

*Bucks fans chanted "overpaid" as Rashard Lewis shot free throws. I laughed out loud.

*Why did JaVale McGee scream like he was Shaq after dunking the ball down 15 mid second quarter? I think I will call that the LaRon Landry disease.

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