Topper's Blog: December's Top Ten

11:28 PM, Dec 19, 2013   |    comments
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December's Top Ten

Four years on December 18 and 19 we were hit with the biggest December snow on record. Our records go back to the 1870s ! It is the only December snow in our top ten. 16.4" fell officially at National and 18" at Dulles. The December storm of '09 comes in at number seven. The blizzard of 1966 is no longer in the top ten. We received a lot of emails asking why we weren't talking about that storm. National only recorded 13.8". What made that storm so memorable was the blowing and drifting of the snow. Two feet fell in the suburbs and drifts six to ten feet were common. When it drifts to ten feet these drifts might be twenty to fifty feet deep and even snow plows can't get through that much snow. Once again National's "official" number was low. I think that National records artificially low totals when it is windy. Truth be told I think they are always low. We had 21" here in Northwest with higher amounts north, east, west and south of us and of National. We tried to keep you one step ahead of the storm. On 9 New Now at 11PM the Thursday before the storm I said that it was somewhere between "big" and "historic" and leaning toward "historic. Here were some of our tips during the storm...shovel frequently, mark and then dig out your downspouts, mailbox, dryer vent and heat pump. Remember don't leave home without sunglasses and make sure your wiper fluid is full. After any blizzard I get worried about flooding but we were very fortunate all last winter as each storm melted slowly and without any heavy rain.  Little did we know what still awaited us !


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