Topper's Blog: Mother's Day

5:03 PM, May 10, 2013   |    comments
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Mother's Day

Mother's Day is always the second Sunday in May. A woman by the name of Anna Reeves Jarvis, from West Virginia started Mother's Work Day in 1858. This day was not so much about honoring moms and their contributions to the family but rather to make folks aware of sanitation back then, or more likely the lack thereof. With the word work in your holiday you're probably not getting a break that day. Ms. Jarvis continued her crusade for better sanitation during the Civil War on both sides of the battle.

Julia Howe in 1872 promoted a holiday, or celebration of recognizing women's contributions to peace as opposed to cleanliness. This celebration was held June second and lasted a decade and was celebrated in eighteen cities.

In 1905 Anna Reeves Jarvis passed away and her daughter, Anna began her own crusade on behalf of her mother to start a holiday honoring mothers. In 1912 West Virginia declared it a state holiday and two years later Congress passed a joint resolution declaring the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day. Congress created the day to honor moms and their devotion and influence on their families. The sentiment of the celebration declared by Congress was not exactly what Anna Jarvis wanted but is still a great way to stop and thank mom for all she does. Ironically Anna Jarvis never had any children.

I hope everyone does something for Mom today because she does have the toughest job in the world. Look for a partly cloudy day but breezy and much cooler with highs in the sixties with a slight chance of a sprinkle.

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