Topper's Blog: Heat Wave, 1976 April Heat, Mid Atlantic Heat

10:41 PM, Apr 15, 2013   |    comments
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Heat Wave

In 1976 we were in a week long heat wave. Downtown temperatures soared into the mid 90s from 16th - 21st.

April is a highly variable weather month, with both record heat and record cold waves possible from time to time. Two instances of long lived record setting heat may come to mind among longtime Washingtonians with the first occurring in 1976 when there was a stretch spanning almost a week - beginning April 16 - with highs in the mid 90s.  Almost 30 degrees above the average highs for the week in the upper 60s, the hottest temperature recorded during this streak was 95 on April 18, 1976. 

This record high of 95 not only set a record high for the date, but also tied the all-time monthly record high for April in Washington, D.C.  In fact, it wouldn't be this hot again in Washington until a more recent April heat wave in 2002 when it also reached 95 on April 17th.  A number of other record highs were also set in the Eastern United States on April 16th 2002 including:


Washington, D.C. (National Airport) - 92

Washington Dulles Airport - 91

Baltimore, MD - 90

Charlottesville, VA - 90

Philadelphia, PA - 89

Albany, NY - 89

Rochester, NY - 85

Central Park, NY - 92

Newark, NJ - 92

Atlantic City, NJ - 89

Pittsburgh, PA - 86

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