Topper's Blog: Knickerbocker Snowstorm

6:02 PM, Jan 28, 2013   |    comments
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Your Grandfather's Snowstorm

On this date in 1922 the Knickerbocker storm left twenty eight inches of snow causing the roof of the Knickerbocker theatre to collapse. One hundred movie-goers were killed. To this day it is our largest snowfall of record. The storm started on the twenty seventh and ended just after midnight on the twenty ninth. A record thirty three inches were measured in Rock Creek Park. Temperatures were in the low to mid twenties during the storm. That January was not a particularly cold month but as we have discussed before we don't need record cold to have big snowstorms. This was a true Nor'easter that developed off the South Carolina Coast. The storm then moved up to the Hatteras area then on up the coast. A dome of high pressure was centered in New York State pumping in cold air keeping the precipitation all snow.  We're still watching the possibility of snow Friday night into Saturday but the models, or computer guidance is trending farther south with the storm perhaps giving us a glancing blow. We have tracked this storm since it pounded the central and southern California coast Tuesday evening. It has a lot of potential. It has our full attention.


On this date in 1986 the shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after take off. Cold weather was blamed for damaging the O rings. Temperatures were in the teens and twenties that morning in central Florida.


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