Washington Wizards Should Consider Jerry Sloan As Coach

12:39 PM, May 23, 2012   |    comments
Photo via US Presswire
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Ousted Utah Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan, 70, has indicated he would like to return to the sidelines after taking a season off from the NBA.

FoxSportsFlorida.com is reporting that Sloan has specifically expressed interest in the Orlando Magic job opening, and even hinted mild interest in coaching the Charlotte Bobcats.

"It's not always about starting at the top," Sloan told reporter Chris Tomasson.

Should the Wizards float some interest in the Hall of Famer's direction? Absolutely.

The 70-year-old is notoriously known as a grumpy old man, and will put players in his doghouse for long stretches of the season. But Sloan knows how to win, and I would almost guarantee he could put the Wizards in the playoffs next season. 

Sloan's Jazz teams were always known as efficient groups who limited turnovers and could pick apart defenses in half court sets. The point guards he's worked with -- John Stockton and Deron Williams -- dominated the NBA with the help of Sloan's guidance. His expertise in John Wall's position alone should certainly be considered by Ernie Grunfeld and Ted Leonsis.

Washington will be taking their time with this decison. As much as I like Randy Wittman, I've argued Sam Cassell would be a more logical long term solution to run this team. It's unlikely that Sloan will be hired, because it will speed up the rebuilding project entirely too fast for Ted's liking.

If the Wizards hired Sloan and kept Cassell as the "coach-in-waiting", I would be all for the hire. The right coaching hires have made mediocre teams -- Philly and Indiana -- playoff competitors. Washington can't screw this up.

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