Grad. Students Watch Debate, React With Smartphones

10:56 PM, Oct 16, 2012   |    comments
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COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WUSA) -  At the University of Maryland, about 40 students of the School of Public Policy who may one day want to make a career out of politics watched, and weighed in.

To be clear, it was a lopsided crowd. The majority of watchers were Democrats. Student Aimee Lindsay was the only Republican in the room at one point, but said, "I don't mind."

As the debate heated up, so did the smartphone use. They used a new technology developed right on campus from React Labs that lets watchers react in real time. The app gives them four choices: agree, disagree, spin, or dodge.

Many students reacted to the clashes the two candidates had on stage. Travis Moths, one of the many Democrats, doesn't think it helps. "For the average voter, I don't think it helps to see the two bickering with each other."

Overall, Lindsay says the debate won't change her mind on whom to vote for: "I think there a couple of things that I disagree with, but overall, its a time for change."

Moths is sticking with his candidate too. "He's doing better than he did last time, we'll see if he's doing better than Mitt Romney at the end."


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