Residents in Flood Prone Areas Preparing to Leave

6:31 PM, Jun 7, 2013   |    comments
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HUNTINGTON, Va. (WUSA9) -- Huntington is on edge again.  Some residents in the Fairfax County neighborhood are so worried Cameron Run will flood their homes again, that they have decided to leave.  

Richard Cauthers is one of them.  Even though county officials say they do not anticipate structural flooding, Cauthers is taking no chances. He got in his car and left.  He also has his boat ready just in case his home is under water when her returns.   

You can't blame him, given the recent past.  Memories are still fresh.  

"The problem is, it comes in so rapidly, it's like a tidal wave through here," says Cauthers.  

The last one flooded his basement up to the ceiling, destroying his furnace, hot water heater and electrical panel.  He says many homeowners here had to spend a lot of money to replace their property. 

Fairfax County is putting out alerts. There is a flashing sign on Huntington Avenue telling resident to move their cars to higher ground because high water is expected. Firefighters are also handing out fliers with the same warnings.    

At least twice in recent years, Cameron Run spilled over its banks and poured through the neighborhood.   

David Luna remembers. "All of a basement was flooded.  We lost everything down there. We didn't have electricity for a week," he said.

The water in an inlet to Cameron rose about two feet in just two hours between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Friday.  But after 4 p.m. the water started receding as the rain let up. 

The county's water management teams have been out monitoring the situation. Technical Engineer Gary Much says he checked all the storm drains and had to bring crews in to clear one of them.   He has some advice for property owners. 

"Make sure there is no debris in your storm drains.  If there is, get rid of it, throw it in the trash.," said Much.  But, if there is large debris inside the storm drain, you should not go inside the storm drain yourself but call the county's storm water management and let them do it. 

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