Cool Schools: Frost Middle School In Va.

7:59 AM, Jan 17, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- This week's Cool Schools is all about money. The big yellow bus is stopping in Virginia this week.

As we watch Congress and the President try to balance our nation's budget, we thought this was the perfect time for encore performance of our story at Finance Park.

No fiscal cliff for these students, just solid financial planning for the future.

After six weeks of learning financial facts and figures in their classrooms at Carson Middle School, students hop on a bus to Finance Park.

The non-profit, Junior Achievement, built this really cool space right behind Frost Middle School in Fairfax, Va. During the day, students learn how to apply for a mortgage, fill out a car loan application, and buy insurance.

"When kids understand how to manage their money and how to make those good choices, they will be better consumers ultimately," explained Capital One's Carolyn Berkowitz.

Like the added expense of the engine blowing in your car or a tree falling on your home, students aren't allowed to finish the day in the red at Finance Park. All students have to adjust their whole balance sheet before they leave for the day.

"It definitely gave me some insight on how adult life is going to be and how I'm going to manage my money well and be careful with it," said 8th grader, Divya Rendarajan.

If you have a cool school send an email to and maybe we'll be profiling your program soon.

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