Aaron Thomas of New Haven, Ct., pleads guity in Prince William County, Va., to 2009 abductions, rapes, sodomies

5:32 PM, Nov 30, 2012   |    comments
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MANASSAS, Va. (WUSA) -- For the second day in a row, the accused East Coast Rapist appeared in court and pleaded guilty.

Aaron Thomas abducted three teenagers, raped and sodomized two of them on Halloween night in 2009.

Prince William County Commonwealth's Attorney Paul Ebert said, "It's good to get it over with I'm glad the girls did not have to testify once again.

"It's a nightmarish situationm" he said. "You have these girls who went trick or treating and was first asked for money and then abducted with what was believed to be a gun and then raped and sodomized. It's hard to imagine a worse crime for youngsters."

One of the victims sat in court but did not want to say anything before sentencing.

Thomas was in a Loudoun County courtroom on Thursday where he admitted to raping a 41-year-old woman in 2001.

That victim who is now 52, says she's relieved at the guilty plea.
Thomas seemed to want to back out of that plea deal Thursday but followed through.

There was no wavering in court on Friday.
Ebert said, "He's always been hard to predict. He's been very erratic."

Thomas has been linked to 17 attacks up and down the east coast from Virginia to Rhode Island.

After the Halloween rapes, Prince William County formed the 'East Coast Rapist Task Force.'

They whittled 700 suspects down to six. Detectives closed in on Thomas after obtaining his DNA from a discarded cigarette butt.

Ebert said, "This was excellent police work. Excellent investigative work. it's almost mind boggling they could identify 700 people that were in these places at the time of these offenses and from those people connect them and methodically eliminate all but six."

Sentencing is scheduled for February 22, 2013

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