Pakistan PM Sharif dishes on the issues

5:40 PM, Oct 23, 2013   |    comments
Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif attends a meeting Tuesday on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Photo: Alex Wong, Getty Images)
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Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is in the United States this week to meet with President Obama. Before going to the White House, he met with reporters and Pakistani Americans to speak on issues between his country and the USA.

Here are his views on various topics:


"This is a new and confident Pakistan, but I am not oblivious of the daunting challenges that we have inherited.

"The economy is very badly affected by the surge of terrorism."


"I am, however, aware that the greatest challenge to Pakistan comes from terrorism and extremism, but Pakistan is neither the source nor the epicenter of terrorism as is sometimes alleged.

"We have to ensure that the political parties and the civil societies are on the same page ... so as to create the enabling environment necessary to tackle this menace."


"I firmly believe that a peaceful stable Afghanistan is in Pakistan's vital interest.

"Pakistan wishes these landmark transitions to be completed peacefully and smoothly. We also wish the international community to remain.

"We believe that we can work with Afghanistan for advanced regional cooperation that would establish (and) reinforce regional trade energy and communication corridors."


"We are confident that there are areas where we can make quick progress. We do not want isolated incidents to interrupt our dialogue."


"Our two countries share perceptions and interests on a wide range of issues.

"Despite the planned drawdown (of U.S. military forces in Afghanistan), there will be a continuing need for closed cooperation between the two countries, especially in Afghanistan."

"There should be greater interaction between the two countries."


"They have deeply disturbed and agitated the people. I would therefore stress the need for an end to drone attacks."


"We are not here to get aid, we just want trade with America. Your respect is very dear to us and so is our own respect.

"America is our largest trading partner, so we want an increase and whatever the difficulties are, we have to overcome them."

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