Andrew Young on what was won 50 years ago from March on Washington

5:38 PM, Aug 26, 2013   |    comments
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Washington (WUSA9) -- A Civil rights icon and key adviser to Dr. Martin Luther King says the civil rights movement succeeded in making racism illegal in most areas.

Reverend Andrew Young also says poverty is worse now than it was in 1963.

He says despite the advances in this country and the world, despite the fact that Barack Obama has been elected twice as the first African American President, there are obstacles and events that keep more people--many of them black--from getting out of poverty.

In a candid interview with WUSA9's Bruce Johnson, the former Georgia Congressman, Atlanta mayor and UN ambassador, says no congress has been more determined to obstruct a President from carrying out his agenda.

He added that a small number of people continue to control most of the wealth and they are sheltering it and not putting it back into the world economy.

Young called on African Americans and others to create their own opportunities--to go into finance and economics 

"We (black people)graduated only four economists last year," said Young.

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