Closing Arguments In Jodi Arias Murder Trial

1:06 PM, May 2, 2013   |    comments
Defendant Jodi Arias looks at the jury as they enter the courtroom during her trial at Maricopa County Superior Court in Phoenix on Wednesday, April 17, 2013. Arias is on trial for the killing of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander in 2008. Arias claims self-defense but faces a potential death sentence if convicted of first-degree murder (AP/The Arizona Republic, David Wallace, Pool)
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PHOENIX (AP) - A prosecutor portrayed Jodi Arias as a manipulative liar who killed her boyfriend in grisly fashion and sought out the media spotlight for attention.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez delivered his closing arguments to a packed courtroom, including people who lined up at 2 a.m. Thursday to get a seat in the gallery for the highly anticipated event. He said Arias is a person who "will lie at every turn" to get what she wants.

Arias showed no emotion during the closing arguments, scribbling notes with a pencil the whole time.

The judge earlier provided instructions to the jury that allowed them to consider the lesser charge of manslaughter, along with first-degree and second-degree murder.

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