Is A 'Bill Of Rights' Needed For Cruise Ship Passengers?

8:33 AM, Mar 18, 2013   |    comments
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(WUSA9/WTSP) -- Airline passengers have a their bill of rights and now some lawmakers are talking about enacting the same sort of laws for cruise ship passengers.

Just a day after Carnival flew home passengers from the stranded Dream cruise ship, one of its other ships - the Legend - limped back into the port of Tampa. The Legend developed propulsion after making only half its scheduled stops.

All this comes after thousands of Carnival passengers were stranded at sea on a powerless ship last month.

WTSP reports that New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer is pushing for a Bill of Rights for cruise passengers. He says there are six basic things passengers should be guaranteed:

- Backup power generators
- Medical staff onboard
- Crew trained for emergencies
- Access to real-time information about delays and changes
- Ability to leave a ship docked at a port if food or sanitation onboard are not adequate
- A full refund for a trip canceled mid-cruise by mechanical or other major problems

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