Winter Storm Hampers Post-Holiday Travel

7:46 AM, Dec 27, 2012   |    comments
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REAGAN NATIONAL AIRPORT (WUSA) -- A strong winter storm system is being blamed for at least 6 deaths nationwide.  That same storm has also complicated post-holiday travel and knocked out power to tens of thousands.

Delia Goncalves reported from Reagan National Airport on how all this wicked weather is affecting airport travel in the area.

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Delia found several people who slept at the airport on Wednesday night. Many of them were trying to head northeast where a major storm is rolling in.

'Low-End Blizzard' Smacking Part Of Northeast

A mother and daughter trying to get back home to Maine were affected when 1600 U.S. flights were canceled on Wednesday (more than 200 canceled today). They say their plane was delayed and they waited and waited until midnight, when they were told their flight was canceled. The daughter shared that she stayed warm because she fell asleep on a heater at the airport but that she still longs to get home. After their tiring and emotional journey, they are holding their flight will head to Maine later today. 

Check Local Airport Conditions Here

Earlier this morning a cell phone alert, notified them that state offices were shut down for the storm. In an area accustomed to dealing with snow, that move is pretty significant.

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