Alyce Dixon Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

5:36 PM, Sep 11, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - "God has been very good to me," said Alyce Dixon. "He left me with a few marbles."

More than a few many would say. Spunky, feisty and sharp as a tack. Alyce Dixon shows no signs of slowing down on her 105th birthday.

Miss Dixon is the oldest resident at the V.A. medical center in Northwest DC. The staff threw her a celebration- a big party for a woman with an even bigger sense of humor. She loves telling jokes, especially dirty ones and she shared quite a few with us.

At 31, Miss Dixon entered the U.S. Army as one of the first African American women, something she never really thought much about.

"I thought I was good, like everybody else says anything to me, I said to hell with you," said Dixon.=

Stationed in both England and France, Dixon served in World War II and worked for the Army newspaper. She joined the Army after she was diagnosed with Vitiligo, a skin condition that causes loss of pigment.

"I though the Army had all the answers," said Dixon. "I said I will join the Army and let them move those spots. I went to a dermatologist,  and he said, you don't have to move them, you're going to be white. I said, you mean they got me mixed up? (laughter)."

  To keep her mind sharp, Dixon reads The Washington Post every morning.

"Gotta find out what's going on," Dixon said. "(You) can't be stupid."

  She puts on her makeup every day, likes her jewelry and still enjoys getting her nails done.  She's in good health, but she did lose her leg several years ago to an infection.

Miss Dixon has lived a full life. She shared with us why she believes she has been so blessed for so long.

"Help everybody" she said. "You can't take it with you, so share it and you live a long time. That's why God let me live. I shared everything."

Miss Dixon spent about 30 years working at the Pentagon as a purchasing specialist. She is one of nine children and she has one surviving sister. She says most of her siblings lived well into their 90s.

Her one last dream before dying is to take a trip to South Africa.


By Anny Hong

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