Middletown High's Booster Club Raffles Off A Dream Home To Update Its Stadium

5:33 PM, May 24, 2013   |    comments
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MIDDLETOWN, Md. (WUSA 9) -- Middletown High School in Northwestern Maryland are state champs in football and hold many other titles.

What the Knights don't have is an up-to-date stadium.

"I think it would be nice if we had better away bleachers [and a] better concessions stand, especially since ... football games, we draw huge crowds," said football and lacrosse player Cody Martin.

If you want to take in a football game, members of the school community say you have to get here at 5 o'clock for a 7 o'clock game, that's because they need more bleachers.

The bleachers they do have aren't the sturdiest around and everyone mentions the need for new bathrooms, which aren't up to code.

After injuries and other issues, the Middletown Sports Boosters took out a loan to put in field turf in 2008, which is safer and more efficient.

"We don't have to worry about the wet field when it comes to practice, we don't have to worry about changing games because of the rain," said Lorne Ridenour of Middletown's Athletic department.

But the boosters have been paying interest only on the loan and now the principal has come due. They want to pay it off by selling a house.

"You can sell raffle tickets and you can sell coupons and food, but house is something taking it to the 'next level,' definitely," said senior field hockey and lacrosse player Blake Gastley.

The Middletown Dream Home is a four bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3,200 square foot place worth nearly half a million dollars. It was donated by Donna and Mark Gaver.

Mark played football at Middletown and hopes the house helps his alma mater.

Club president Keith Powell says they need to sell 6,000, $100 tickets to break even, but hope to sell more than twice as many.

"If we sold 15 thousand, we're golden. We could do everything we set out to do and finish what we started in 2008," said Powell.

The idea is to give the Knights home-field advantage by giving someone in Middletown a new home.

You can buy your ticket online for the raffle at www.MiddletownDreamHome.com, but you have to do it before June 10. 

You can also get a ticket in person through June 13 -- that's the day a lucky person will win the home.

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