Restaurant Inspection Violations Suspend High-End Japanese Restaurant, Tourist Restaurant, Others

12:11 AM, Feb 14, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Inspectors suspended a restaurant that critics consider one of Washington's best, a restaurant popular with tourists, a deli that serves Montgomery County food inspectors and others.

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See the attached video to see what WUSA9 found when we visited the restaurants.

Makoto Restaurant 

4822 Macarthur Blvd NW
Operating a food establishment with a sewage backup.
Passed re-inspection, reopened.

Connecticut Exxon Tiger Mart

DC Health issued suspension, then reversed suspension
5030 Conn Ave NW
Officials "rescinded" the suspension saying the Exxon deli was not operating during their inspection and the operator provided proper documents.
Exxon's manager said the store never closed and has met all health requirements.
During our visit, we observed sandwiches a week old and workers said there was no certified food manager on duty.

Lincoln House Restaurant - Waffle

Suspension with 18 violations
504 10TH ST NW
Inspector cited cook for using bare hand to put bacon on plate, raw eggs stored above chicken and vegetables, ham at improper temps, rodent droppings were observed in various locations in large numbers outside, two dead rodents observed in basement.
Passed re-inspection and reopened.
During our visit, we observed rat feces and repeated thermometer tests showed eggs stored at 50 degrees, which experts say is potentially dangerous.
Passed re-inspection, reopened.

Plaza News Stand & Deli

51 Monroe St
Operating without hot water
Passed re-inspection, reopened.

Kitchen No 1

4665 S Capitol St SW
Inspectors cited bare hand contact with food, dirty equipment, eggs at unsafe temperatures, dirty food contact surfaces, and dirty floors.
Passed re-inspection, reopened.

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