Vanished 25 Years Ago: Tiffany Goines

7:06 PM, Nov 29, 2012   |    comments
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FREDERICK, MD (WUSA) -- Imagine your little girl goes outside to play with friends and she never comes home. No one knows where she is, and for 25 years you have to wait and hope.

The Goines family of Frederick, Maryland have been living this nightmare. Tiffany Goines was just 12 when she vanished on December 5, 1987.

MORE:  The Washington Post Story on Tiffany Goines

Tiffany, who attended Gov. Thomas Johnson Middle School, was last seen getting into a red convertible near her home at the John Hanson Apartments on North Bentz Street.

As the 25th anniversary of Goines' dissapearance approaches, The Washington Post is profiling the case both online Thursday and in the paper on Friday.   Goines' story is the first in a series of reports the paper is doing about missing people of color.  They call the series "Vanished."

Almost 679,000 people in the United States were reported missing last year.  This is according to FBI statistics.  Forty percent of those individuals were people of color. 

Once every few weeks Washington Post reporter Anqoinette Crosby will profile a local case of a missing person in the Post's The Root DC section.  Tiffany Goines story will be in the paper on Friday, November 30.

Please take a close look at the images of Tiffany on this webpage.  There is a picture of Tiffany at the age of 12 when she vanished.  Then there is an age enhance image of her provided by the National Center for Missing and Exloited Children in Alexandria, Virginia

If you have any information about Tiffany Goines' disappearance please call 301-600-TIPS.

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