Vendor: Someone Has Tampered With DC Ambulances

4:45 PM, May 22, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The top mechanic at a company that repairs DC Fire Department ambulances suspects that somebody has been tampering with emergency vehicles. 

WUSA9 has obtained a copy of a letter the fleet services manager sent to Deputy fire Chief John Donnelly. In it he says, "I'm writing this to let you know that in my opinion these two ambulances have been tampered with. I believe based on the history of our relationship, that the fuel in these two units has been drained."

The mechanic goes on to say this is a first. 

Chief Donnelly and his boss, DC Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerby met with WUSA9 outside the departments repair garage in Southwest on Wednesday.

Donnelly spoke for the department and said his team of mechanics found no evidence of tampering.

We asked for a copy of the fire department's report and were told he knew nothing about a report.

A source in D.C. Government tells WUSA9 that D.C. Police internal affairs also investigated the allegations contained in the mechanics letter.

The conclusion from that investigation was the fire department's record keeping was in such disarray that police couldn't establish a line of custody for the two vehicles. In other words, who last drove the two ambulances, who last filled the tanks up, where were they parked and who had access, etc. 

Ed Smith of the Firefighters Union says his members have not tampered with any vehicles and he too wants to see a report from the investigations.

Smith says and Chief Donnelly confirms that some ambulances, (Donnelly says three) are on the streets with broken gas gauges.

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