Ticketmaster Accidentally Releases Inauguration Tickets Early

11:43 PM, Jan 7, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA/AP) - The low-cost tickets to President Barack Obama's inaugural ball at the DC Convention Center were mistakenly put on sale a day early and are now sold out.

Inaugural officials say the limited number of $60 tickets to the Jan. 21 ball that were supposed to go on sale Monday morning quickly sold out in advance after Ticketmaster mistakenly put them on sale Sunday evening.

Parade tickets also went on sale for $25 each. Ticketmaster said during an email system test, it inadvertently sent a message early to those who wanted to be notified.

A spokesperson for Ticketmaster released this statement:

While an e-mail indicating that Inaugural event tickets were available was sent earlier than planned, tickets to Inaugural events were sold per usual Ticketmaster process on a first come first serve basis. Everyone who purchased tickets for the Inaugural Ball and the Inaugural parade will receive their tickets. 

We understand the disappointment people feel if they were unable to obtain tickets, but like all other popular events, demand was much greater than supply. Ticketmaster and PIC will continue to work closely to ensure everyone receives the latest ticketing information.


Inaugural officials won't say how many of the $60 tickets were sold or how much they are going to charge for future tickets that might be offered.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee has a second ball planned on January 21, the Commander-in-Chief's Ball.  This one honors those serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, with tickets distributed free to military members.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee tells 9News that if more tickets become available for the Inaugural Ball or the seated parade route, they will be sold through Ticketmaster.

The company also noted Monday night that more people received emails held from Sunday because of a server issue. 

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