Newtown Connecticut Honored at National Cathedral Sermon

5:37 PM, Dec 16, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- People crowded into places of worship to find comfort on Sunday. Churches across the country dedicated Sunday service to the Newtown school shooting.

The Washington National Cathedral had a heartfelt sermon while the reverend used the pulpit to call for action on gun control.
The Very Reverend Gary Hall, the dean of the Washington National Cathedral says his first response to what happened in Newtown was a kind of 'wounded horror.'

"It is the loss of the children. The lives not lived, the hopes extinguished it is that loss that touched me first. We gather this morning in the aftermath of a national tragedy."

The reverend has given countless sermons on immeasurable loss but this one was different.

"Our continued shared violence directed against children is insane. Enough is enough. We have tolerated school shootings, mall shootings, theater shootings, sniper shootings, work place shootings, temple and church shootings, urban neighborhood shootings far too long. The massacre of these 28 people in Connecticut, is for me, is the last straw. And I believe it's the last straw for you."

In a stunning and rare reaction, the congregation stood up and clapped.

Barbara Madley, mother of a 9 year old, says, "I've never been in a service where it got a standing ovation and call to action."

The reverend was so moved by the tragedy in Newtown that he made it clear about Sunday's service.
He said he was not going to talk around it, but directly about the need for gun control in this country.

"The best way to mourn the Sandy Hook shooting is to mobilize the faith community for gun control. It's time for change. It's gone too far."

Not everyone agrees with the reverend's message of tighter gun laws.

But lawmakers such as Connecticut independent Senator Joe Lieberman on Fox News Sunday is calling for a national commission to look at the gun laws, mental health system and the role that violent video games and movies might play in shootings.

Reverend Hall says, "Today we grieve but soon we act. I don't want to take somebody's hunting rifle, but I can no longer justify living in a society that allows concealed handguns in schools and on the street or allows people other than military or police to buy assault weapons or lets people to get around existing gun laws by selling weapons to buyers without background checks at gun shows. The gun lobby is no match for the cross Lobby."

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