Dr. Alen Salerian's Fight With Washington, D.C., government to allow him to prescribe pain medication still unresolved

11:18 PM, Nov 14, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) --- Dr. Alen Salerian's fight to convince the D.C. government to allow him to write prescriptions for Class Two narcotics is still in limbo after a D.C. Board of Medicine hearing Wednesday ended without a final decision. Closing arguments in the case are to be scheduled by the end of the month.

Salerian, the controversial former chief psychiatrist at the FBI, believes that pain causes actual physical damage to the brain, and prescribes pain medication in a less conservative fashion than many other physicians, who disagree with his judgement.

D.C.'s health department argues he prescribes the medications too often and stopped him from writing those prescriptions in April. He is appealing that decision.

Since he lost those privileges, he says three of his patients have committed suicide because of their despair over their inability to get the drugs that had offered them relief from the pain. Before the hearing on Wednesday, Salerian and his supporters held a vigil in honor of those patients outside the Health Department.

"This is in memory of the people who died unnecessarily," he told 9News Now before the hearing began.

Testimony ended Wednesday after a government witness testified the government had secretly photographed and videotaped a Salerian patient. Salerian lawyer Bernard Grimm asked why the defense had not been provided with copies of the tape and photographs, in apparent violation of discovery rules that require the government to turn over such materials.

After a brief recess the entire testimony of that witness was thrown out.

"I've been doing this 27 years. I'm not the guy you want to ask about the government," Grimm replied when asked by 9News Now about the failure to provide that videotaped and photographic evidence.

"In other words, you're not surprised?" asked 9News Now.

"No," he replied.

"Should they have provided that video to you?"

"Yes," he said.

The assistant attorney general representing the city would not comment on the case when 9News Now asked for the city's side of the story.

"I will not talk to you, sir," she said.

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