Wounded Warriors Take On Redskins Alumni In Flag Football

11:49 PM, Nov 17, 2013   |    comments
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Arlington, Va. (WUSA9)--Redskins was a predominant theme but this was really about patriots fulfilling a lifelong fantasy.

"We loved playing the game of football when we were kids and here we are living a dream," said B.J. Ganem.

Ganem was one of several men on the U.S. wounded warrior football team, who faced former NFL greats in a flag football game Saturday at Bishop O'Connell High School. 

You look at those guys who went out for the country, they lost limbs and they probably have mental problems because of what they went through," said former Redskins great Brian Mitchell. 

"And yet they still feel like they feel about the country, I wish I could be like them."

And so the games began, it was old human hamstrings versus new prosthetics.  I guess we know who had the advantage here. 

Today is my first crack at organized sport since I was injured," said Seth Nieman.  "I was only injured 11 months ago, it's easy to say oh wow that prosthetic technology is great but it's still a journey it's a mental journey."

"We told them to not take it easy on us," said Ganem, captain of the wounded warrior team. 

Good advice, the wounded warrior team beat the former NFL players 28-21. 

"Anytime I see our wounded vets I'm inspired," said former Redskins offensive lineman Derrick Dockery.  "You see their spirits, and you see their joy."

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