'I'm Shmacked' videos reveal binge drinking, drug use by college students

10:39 PM, Oct 15, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- A series of videos that have gone viral among high school and college students.

It's called "I'm Shmacked" but while the kids are all over this thing most likely a lot of you parents have never heard of them.

The videos have earned hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, including those shot at universities like West Virginia, Towson State, James Madison and here, at the University of Maryland. 

The creator of the booze-laden videos is a George Washington University graduate, whose team recently boasted in a tweet that "I'm Shmacked" earned six figures just in the month of September.

"A video like that that's gonna show how awesome your college is, of course people are going to go crazy and try to come off as the best school in the country," a student said.

In fact, just last month, at the University of Delaware, the arrival of "I'm Shmacked" caused a near riot -- with 1,500 students in the streets, damage to cars and street signs, and multiple arrests. The University had no idea they were coming.

"I'm Shmacked" claims it's already visited more than 50 schools, including Ivy Leagues. And the crew has many more on its schedule.

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