Historic mansion for sale in Dupont Circle

5:18 PM, Jul 25, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- A piece of American history is up for sale in Dupont Circle.

In fact, a sitting President and First Lady called the Patterson Mansion home for a bit while the White House was being repaired. For $26 million, the 36,000 square foot landmark could be all yours.

WUSA9's Erica Grow shows us the balcony President Calvin Coolidge stood on to greet Charles Lindbergh when he returned from his famous trans-Atlantic flight. The First Family stayed here while the White House was being renovated in 1927. That event cemented the Patterson House's place in history, which is exactly what the family intended when they started building the mansion in 1901. 

Jonathan Taylor with TTR Sotheby's International says, "This was built for major entertaining. We're standing in the dining room, which hosted a dinner with 6 or 7 presidential candidates."

The Pattersons were heirs to the enormous Tribune fortune, and wanted to make a statement with their home. It worked. At four stories tall and 36,000 square feet, it still stands out on the Circle today. 

Patterson has been the home of the women's social club, the Washington Club, since 1951, and its members cherish every exquisite detail. 

Priscilla Baker, President of the Washington Club says, "My favorite feature about the Patterson house, that would be difficult to say, it's like apples and oranges because each room is different, each room is unique."

Stepping into the elevator is like taking a trip back in time. With its metal cage door and golden sconces, this house is filled with details of a bygone era. 

From the crown molding in the salon, to the chandeliers in the ballroom and the ornately carved fireplaces, everything was painstakingly selected when the house was built, and has been lovingly maintained ever since. 

As the sellers of this property, the Washington Club hopes that the next owner will do the same thing. 

Baker says, "I hope that it will be purchased by someone who will appreciate its historical value, its architectural value, and that both of those will be treasured and retained."

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