D.C. pastor Steve Young talks about violence in Ward 7

10:15 PM, Jul 23, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- In recent times D.C. has seen a rash of senseless killings. Four to be exact in the last week, but those are hardly the only ones in Ward 7, a section of the district notorious for deadly violence.

Pastor Steve Young of The House of Praise in the Deanwood neighborhood says leaders like him are fighting to help people break out of a cycle of violence, but it isn't easy.

He showed us a box filled with more than 300 pictures and stories of young black people. He tells us many of the crimes are considered to be black-on-black violence and that is leading to hopelessness.

Young said, "We only wait until things like this happen. What are we going to do after today?"

He says many people including his own community members, and local leaders have ignored the problem. An issue he tells us is rooted in the broken homes that are prevalent in almost every corner of Ward 7.

Young added, "I am a teenage mother, and a teenage father and the only way I know to survive is to get out there and hustle", when describing the never ending cycle of family priorities that lead to street crime and murders.


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