Passengers Say Megabus from NY to DC Got Mega-Hot: What You Need To Know Before Riding This Summer

10:13 PM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- By now, you know how hot it was outside Friday. So, how hot do you think it reached inside a Megabus rolling down a highway towards D.C. for five hours with what some passengers say was some extremely questionable A/C?

If you are planning on taking Megabus at all during this steamy, hot summer, you are going to want to read this story.

Krista Perez from New York was on board Megabus DD434 Friday afternoon, "It was insufferably hot. We asked the bus driver repeatedly to turn on the A/C and he either couldn't or wouldn't. I'm not sure if it was a function of mechanical issues or Megabus trying to cut costs." 

Tony Bautista from Alexandria was on board too and says conditions were unsafe, "There could have been people on board that had respiratory issues and if they had respiratory issues there was not enough air circulation or ventilation."

When passengers didn't get any relief, they sent WUSA9 an email. We went to Union Station to try and get answers.

If you've ever ridden or seen a Megabus, you may know about the $1 deal they offer, but the people we spoke to paid much more, and they say it wasn't worth it.

Perez was traveling with her boyfriend, "We've paid $130 for round trip for the both of us." Bautista bought two one-way tickets, "I paid $63 for myself and another passenger."

A very helpful bus facility manager put us in touch with Mike Alvich, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for Megabus. His first response, "I can't believe there was very little or no A/C, the double-decker buses we have are state of the art." We asked Alvich to check into whether or not the bus in question was equipped with working air conditioning. He called us back a short time later, "The driver said the system operated properly the entire trip."

So, why so warm?

If you are planning on taking a bus this summer, you'll want to hear Alvich's explanation, "The A/C systems on these buses are set to provide a temperature as much as 20 degrees below what is on the outside of the bus. Now, we're experiencing record heat like 100 degrees outside that'll bring the temperature down to about 80 degrees. Some folks can't handle about 80 degrees, they still feel that might be too warm."

Perez and Bautista say it definitely is. Bautista adds, "I will never do this again."

Alvich says the bus drivers have no control over the air conditioning. The whole system is automatic.

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