Temple Hills Skate Palace, Kingsway Cafe, Pupuseria Maria, Walgreens, Union Jack's of Ballston Closed For Health Violations

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Washington, DC (WUSA9) -- Live roaches crawling in the kitchen of one restaurant, a Caribbean carry out storing foods at the wrong temperature and a roller skating rink packed with kids when our Russ Ptacek visited that did not want to talk about mice droppings on their food. 

Those emergency closings and others in WUSA9's Restaurant Alert for July 18, 2013.

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Health inspectors temporarily closed Temple Hills Skate Palace at 3132 Branch Avenue in Temple Hills, Maryland;  Kingsway Cafe at 13919 Baltimore Avenue in Laurel, Maryland;  Pupuseria Maria at 3915 14th Street, NW, DC;  Walgreens at 3130 Lee Highway in Arlington, Virginia;  and, Union Jack's of Ballston at 4238 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, VA.

Roller Skating Rink With Mouse Droppings On Pizza

Prince George's County Health Department shut down Temple Hills Skate Palace on Branch Avenue for a rodent infestation.  The inspection report citing mouse droppings in the refrigerator, on pizza and on a box with pre-packaged sauce and juice. 

When WUSA9 tried talking to the Temple Hills Skate Palace manager, she asked us to leave. 

WUSA9 left the facility but a few minutes later, the manager followed WUSA9 outside and threatened to call the police if we did not leave the parking lot.

Caribbean Cafe Closed for Cold Food Storage Concerns

In Laurel, Maryland, inspectors closed Kingsway Café on Baltimore Avenue citing food at potentially dangerous temperatures.
Officials noted several food items being held at ambient  temperature, for example beef patties and beef stew at 86 degrees instead of the maximum safe temperature of 41 degrees. 

Kingsway Cafe was also cited for not keeping their walk-in cooler at a safe maximum of 41-degrees. 

Kingsway's manager would not let our camera inside the kitchen but would let Russ Ptacek take a look.

The Café's thermometer was broken so Ptacek used his thermometer to measure the temperature inside the walk-in refrigerator at Kingsway Cafe.

WUSA9 found the refrigerator's temperature was 48 degrees, the same thing the health inspector found.  The safe maximum temperature for storing cold foods is 41 degrees.

Drug Store With No Certified Food Safety Manager

In Arlington, Virginia, health inspectors cited Walgreens on Lee Highway for not staffing anyone certified in food safety.

But when WUSA9's Russ Ptacek visited, the store had a certified, card-carrying store manager on duty.

Roaches Crawling In Kitchen At DC Restaurant

DC Health Inspectors cited Pupuersia Maria on 14th Street, NW
for 16 violations, 13 of them critical, including roaches crawling in the kitchen, no one certified in food safety, and cold food stored at the wrong temperatures like chicken strips at 87 degrees, 46 degrees above the maximum safe temperature. 

The worker we spoke with said we had bad information and her papers were different from the DC Department of Health  Inspection Report that WUSA9 obtained.

The worker at Pupuseria Maria would not show us her paperwork and asked WUSA9 to leave.

Pub Closes Doors Forever

At Ballston Mall, inspectors closed Union Jack's for no certified food manager on duty and no hot water. 

And when WUSA9 showed up, the restaurant's doors were chained shut.

Union Jack's Regional Manger, Matt Snee told WUSA9 that the Ballston Mall location closed but not because of the health violations but because it had already negotiated an out-time of July 1st with mall management.

Since we visited, Union Jack's at Ballston Mall remains closed.

All the other restaurants have passed re-inspection and are back in business.

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