WUSA9 Brings Home 11 Emmys

12:36 AM, Jun 16, 2013   |    comments
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BALTIMORE, Md. (WUSA9) -- WUSA picked up 11 Capital Emmys Saturday night. Reporter Andrea McCarren was honored with a whopping five statuettes. 

Feature News- Serious Report

Six Terrible Seconds: Desaleen James

Andrea McCarren, Samara Martin-Ewing, Dave Satchell, Liz Turrell, Al Calogero

Newscast - Daytime

Jessica Glasser, Joel McDonald

Politics - Single Story

Romney Divided

Samara Martin-Ewing, Bruce Leshan, Joe Martin

Consumer-News Series

Jeep Tank Fires

Lesli Foster, Stephanie Wilson, Greg Guise, Joe Martin, Al Calogero

Public Affairs - Series

Underage Drinking Solutions

Andrea McCarren, Dave Satchell

Informational Feature

Newsroom Caucus

Andrea McCarren, Samara Martin-Ewing

Weather - Single Story

Sandy Aftermath - WUSA9 News Team

Crime - Single Story

Anatomy of a Party Bust

Andrea McCarren, Samara Martin-Ewing, Dave Satchell

Crime - Series

Busted: Underage Drinking

Andrea McCarren, Samara Martin-Ewing, Dave Satchell, Kurt Brooks

Anchor - News

Lesli Foster

Promo Campaign

Fiscal Cliff

John Malone, Justin Welnack, Ray Houghton


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