New Device Aims To Stop Texting And Driving

9:01 AM, May 6, 2013   |    comments
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May is Global Youth Traffic Safety Month...and one thing which comes to mind is the dangers of teens texting and driving. It's been hard to find a solution to kick the habit. But in today's Extra Mile report, our Monika Samtani found a Virginia based company that says 'you hold the wheel, we'll hold the phone'.

It's called ORIGO, and creator Clay Skelton says it's the only product on the market that physically removes the phone from your hand. The car won't start, until your phone is docked in the Origo safe. If you do text while driving, it's 'one strike, and you're out, the car won't start again unless you get a PIN code from the administrator of your gadget.

The ORIGO Safe is available at They currently support Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple phones.

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